Fit to Ride

Group training

About this class

As a cyclist, I know just how important it is for us to train our bodies off the bikes as well as on them! Especially during winter months, that conditioning becomes even more crucial.

In Fit to Ride, you will:
* Perform exercises that will help take the load off your knees, and address many common ankle/knee/hip concerns that cyclists face.
* Train your core stability and torso rotation to handle the demands of the bike, keeping that lower back pain away.
* Strengthen your arms and shoulders in a way that will allow you to experience less residual post-ride stress.
* Learn exercise modifications that will make the workout as challenging or accessible as your body needs.
* Develop active flexibility to keep your body ready to react when the road throws surprises your way.

This class is appropriate for exercisers of all fitness levels.


Everchange Fitness, 1049 Market Street, Suite 105, San Francisco, CA, United States

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